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In this program, the students spend close to a month in Multi Media University (MMU) campus, Malaysia. During this period the students will be attending regular classes on:

The MBA degree awarded is based on the final assessment at the end of the program. Only after the successful completion of PGDM program at Firebird, the students will be eligible for a MBA degree of Multi Media University (MMU),Malaysia.


Malaysia is a destination unlike any other, with a varied mix of ethnicities and year-round tropical weather. It has a well-connected public transit system and is one of the best shopping destinations in the region, with the Petronas Twin Towers as its most prominent landmark.

Malaysia is one of the top places in the world to go on a culinary vacation.

Is it all studies and no play for you? Malaysia's top tourist attractions are just a flight or a bus ride away, from picturesque islands to towering skyscrapers. With the slogan "Malaysia, Truly Asia," the country offers something for everyone.


For the overall benefit of its students Firebird has carefully chosen a University that falls in line with its vision and helps students gain insights on entrepreneurial ventures and also help them to be industry ready.

If you want to be a part of this exciting journey, don’t be too late to board the bus.
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Admission Open For 2024