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PGDM With global MBA &
PGP Certification for
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Work Experience Certificate - Two years Industry Internship
100% Placement track record with highest CTC of 13.98 Lakhs.


The two-year full-time PGDM programme at Firebird Institute of Research in Management is approved by the AICTE and is fully linked with the industry. At Firebird, every student in the programme works under the mentorship of a corporate manager, allowing them to learn the practical side of management from experienced professionals throughout their two years of study. An additional global MBA from Multimedia University Malaysia and PGP - From our academic partners for industry-integrated specializations. Along with two Years of Work Experience Certificate.

Industry Integration
  • At Firebird, we believe in learning by doing. Our unique pedagogical approach ensures that every student in the PGDM programme works closely under the mentorship of seasoned corporate managers. This experiential learning model empowers students to bridge the gap between theory and practice, fostering a deep understanding of the practical facets of management.

Global Perspective
  • As part of our commitment to providing a truly global education, our PGDM programme includes an international dimension with a prestigious global MBA from Multimedia University Malaysia. This collaboration opens doors to a diverse and enriching academic experience, exposing students to international business practices and perspectives.

Industry Integrated Specializations through PGP
  • We understand the importance of specialization in today’s competitive business environment. To cater to diverse career aspirations, Firebird offers Post Graduate Programme (PGP) specializations through academic partnerships with industry leaders. These specialized tracks are designed to equip students with in-depth knowledge and skills in areas such as Business Analytics, Fintech, Digital Marketing, Logistics and SCM

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Firebird's PGDM Programme Outcomes





  • The two-year journey with FIREBIRD's PGDM program, Approved by AICTE, designed to foster a comprehensive understanding of management. The curriculum seamlessly integrates global perspectives through Global MBA from Multimedia University, Malaysia, and specific Industry Integrated Specialisations via partnerships with industry leaders. Emphasis on case study-based learning ensures practical application of theoretical knowledge, while daily internships and an extensive summer internship offer hands-on experience
  • The program promotes global exposure through a month-long international initiative encompassing academic insights, research exposure, industry visits, and cultural experiences. Students benefit from a robust placement ecosystem, both nationally and internationally, with diverse opportunities across sectors.
  • Complementing academic rigor are in-house entrepreneurial ventures, encouraging innovation and creativity. Mentorship programs, both domestic and international, provide valuable guidance from seasoned professionals. Financial support, including scholarships and sponsored food/accommodation costs, contributes to an inclusive learning environment.
  • In essence, FIREBIRD's PGDM program prioritizes holistic growth, equipping students with a nuanced skill set, global perspectives, and practical experiences to thrive in the evolving landscape of management and business.


FIREBIRD's Global Academic Collaboration with Multimedia University, Malaysia: A Gateway to Global Excellence

At Firebird Business School, we redefine education by fostering a dynamic global perspective through our strategic collaboration with Multimedia University, Malaysia. With an AICTE-approved PGDM at its core, our institution goes beyond boundaries, offering an additional Global MBA that propels students into a realm of unparalleled opportunities.

Comprehensive Educational Experience:

Our unique academic collaboration blends the best of AICTE-approved PGDM with a Global MBA from Multimedia University Malaysia. This dual qualification empowers students with a holistic and globally relevant skill set, making them adept in navigating diverse business landscapes.

Global Exposure in Malaysia:

An integral part of this collaboration is a one-month stay at Multimedia University Malaysia, providing students with a transformative experience. Immersion of rigorous classes and first-hand exposure to the Malaysian corporate world. This not only expands global network but also offers insights into international business practices, enriching overall learning journey.

Enhanced Career Prospects:

Students at Firebird Business School don't just earn degrees; they cultivate a global outlook that is invaluable in today's interconnected job markets. The Global MBA opens doors to a multitude of career opportunities, positioning graduates as sought-after professionals capable of contributing to both Indian and global industries.

Networking Opportunities:

During the stay at Multimedia University Malaysia, students forge connections with international peers, industry experts, and thought leaders. This network extends beyond borders, providing a platform for collaborative learning, cultural exchange, and future professional collaborations.

Learning Beyond Borders:

This collaboration transcends traditional education boundaries, exposing students to diverse teaching methodologies, business practices, and cultural nuances. Such exposure not only broadens their understanding but also equips them with the adaptability and cultural intelligence essential in today's globalized business landscape.



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