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PGDM/Global MBA Programme
Specialisation in Finance

Work Experience Certificate - Two years Industry Internship
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PGDM/Global MBA Programme Specialisation in Finance

At Firebird Institute of Research in Management, the PGDM/MBA programme specialization in Finance is designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the dynamic field of finance. The programme offers a comprehensive curriculum covering various aspects of financial management, including investment analysis, financial markets, corporate finance, risk management, and financial strategy.


Commercial Banking
  • This course focuses on the functions and operations of commercial banks, including deposit-taking, lending, risk management, and regulatory compliance. Students will learn about the role of commercial banks in the economy, the types of products and services they offer, and the challenges they face in a competitive market.
Financial Markets
  • This course examines the structure and functioning of financial markets, including equity markets, bond markets, foreign exchange markets, and derivatives markets. Students will learn about the factors that influence market prices, the role of intermediaries such as brokers and exchanges, and the impact of regulation on market behavior.
Financial Derivatives
  • This course covers the theory and practice of financial derivatives, including futures, options, swaps, and other derivative instruments. Students will learn how derivatives are used for hedging, speculation, and arbitrage, as well as the risks and benefits associated with derivative trading.
Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
  • This course focuses on the techniques used to analyze securities and construct investment portfolios. Students will learn how to evaluate the risk and return characteristics of individual securities, how to combine securities into diversified portfolios, and how to manage portfolios to achieve specific investment objectives.
International Finance
  • This course examines the financial issues and challenges faced by multinational corporations operating in the global marketplace. Students will learn about foreign exchange risk management, international capital budgeting, and the impact of political and economic factors on international financial markets.
Wealth Management
  • This course covers the principles and practices of wealth management, including investment planning, tax planning, retirement planning, and estate planning. Students will learn how to assess the financial needs and goals of individual clients, how to develop customized investment strategies, and how to monitor and adjust client portfolios over time.
  • This course explores the intersection of finance and technology, including innovations such as blockchain, cryptocurrencies, robo-advisors, and peer-to-peer lending. Students will learn about the potential of FinTech to disrupt traditional financial services, as well as the opportunities and challenges associated with implementing FinTech solutions.
Financial Modelling
  • This course teaches students how to build and use financial models to analyze and forecast the performance of companies, investment portfolios, and financial instruments. Students will learn how to use spreadsheet software and statistical techniques to develop models that incorporate financial data, economic variables, and assumptions about future market conditions.
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Commercial Banking : Commercial Banker, Relationship Manager, Credit Analyst.

Financial Markets :Financial Analyst, Trader, Investment Banker.

Financial Derivatives : Derivatives Trader, Risk Manager, Quantitative Analyst.

Security Analysis and Portfolio Management : Portfolio Manager, Investment Analyst, Wealth Advisor.

International Finance :International Financial Analyst, Treasury Manager, Global Investment Strategist.

Wealth Management : Wealth Manager, Financial Planner, Estate Planner.

FinTech :FinTech Consultant, Product Manager, Data Analyst.

Financial Modelling : Financial Modeller, Quantitative Analyst, Valuation Analyst.


Commercial Banking
  • Branch Manager, Operations Specialist, Compliance Officer.
Financial Markets
  • Research Associate, Financial Reporter, Brokerage Clerk.
Financial Derivatives
  • Derivatives Operations Specialist, Compliance Analyst, Financial Engineer.
Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
  • Fund Administrator, Client Services Representative, and Investment Operations Analyst.
International Finance
  • Trade Finance Specialist, Export-Import Coordinator, Cross-Border Payments Analyst.
Wealth Management
  • Client Relationship Associate, Financial Paraplanner, Trust Administrator.
  • Cybersecurity Analyst, Software Developer, UX Designer.
Financial Modeling
  • Data Analyst, Business Intelligence Analyst, Financial Reporting Analyst.
  • These courses provide a comprehensive foundation in financial management and prepare students for a wide range of careers in the corporate world, from traditional banking and finance roles to emerging opportunities in FinTech and financial analytics.


Admission Open For 2024