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PGDM/Global MBA Programme
Specialisation in Marketing

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PGDM/Global MBA Programme Specialization in Marketing

At Firebird Institute of Research in Management, the PGDM/MBA program specialization in Marketing offers a comprehensive curriculum to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed for a successful career in dynamic marketing.


Professional Selling and Sales Management
  • This course explores professional and practical sales management principles and practices. Students will learn about sales strategies and techniques for building client relationships and managing sales teams. Topics may include sales planning, prospecting, negotiation, and customer relationship management. Career roles in this field include sales officer, sales manager, account executive, and business development manager.
Integrated Marketing Communication
  • : Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) examines the coordination of various marketing communication tools to deliver a unified message to target audiences. Students will learn about advertising, public relations, direct marketing, sales promotion, and digital marketing and how these elements work together to achieve marketing objectives. Career roles include marketing manager, brand manager, advertising manager, public relations specialist, and digital marketing strategist.
Retail Management
  • This course focuses on the management and operations of retail businesses. Topics may include retail strategy, merchandising, store layout and design, inventory management, customer service, and retail analytics. Career roles include retail store manager, merchandising manager, retail buyer, and e-commerce manager.
Brand Management
  • Brand Management explores the strategies and techniques for building, maintaining, and enhancing brand equity. Students will learn about brand positioning, identity, architecture, and extension. Topics may also include brand monitoring, crisis management, and brand valuation. Career roles include brand manager, product manager, marketing manager, and brand strategist.
Consumer Behavior
  • Consumer Behavior examines the factors influencing consumers’ purchasing decisions. Students will explore psychological, social, cultural, and economic influences on consumer behavior. Topics may include motivation, perception, learning, attitude formation, and decision-making processes. Career roles include market researcher, consumer insights analyst, product developer, and marketing strategist.
Pricing Strategies
  • Pricing Strategies cover the various approaches to setting prices for products and services. Students will learn about pricing models, cost-based pricing, value-based pricing, dynamic pricing, and pricing tactics. The course may also explore price elasticity, competitive pricing, and optimization techniques. Career roles include pricing analyst, revenue manager, product manager, and sales manager.
Marketing Analytics
  • Marketing Analytics focuses on using data and analytics to drive marketing decision-making and strategy. Students will learn about data collection methods, analysis tools, and techniques for interpreting marketing data. Topics may include segmentation analysis, customer lifetime value, marketing attribution, and predictive modeling. Career roles include marketing analyst, data analyst, marketing researcher, and marketing strategist.
Channel Management
  • Channel Management examines the design and management of distribution channels to deliver products and services to customers. Students will learn about channel strategy development, structure, conflicts, and performance evaluation. Topics may also include logistics management, supply chain management, and channel partner relationships. Career roles include channel manager, distribution manager, supply chain manager, and logistics coordinator.


Marketing management professionals with expertise in the above areas can pursue diverse career paths across various industries. Some core and supportive career roles in the corporate world include:

Marketing Manager
  • Responsible for developing and implementing marketing strategies to promote products or services and achieve business objectives.
Brand Manager
  • Manages the brand identity, positioning, and marketing activities to build and maintain brand equity.
Sales Manager
  • Leads and supervises sales teams, sets sales targets and develops sales strategies to drive revenue growth.
Market Research Analyst
  • Conducts research to understand consumer preferences, market trends, and competitive landscapes to support strategic decision-making.
Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Executes digital marketing campaigns across various online channels such as social media, email, and search engines to reach target audiences.
Pricing Analyst
  • Analyses pricing data and market conditions to develop pricing strategies that maximize profitability and competitiveness.
Retail Buyer
  • Selects and purchases merchandise for retail stores based on consumer demand, market trends, and budget considerations.
Supply Chain Manager
  • Oversees the planning, procurement, and distribution of products to ensure efficient supply chain operations and customer satisfaction.
Marketing Analyst
  • Utilizes data analytics to evaluate marketing performance, identify opportunities for optimization, and measure return on investment.
Channel Manager
  • Manages relationships with distribution channel partners to optimize product availability and reach target markets effectively.
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