PGDM - Industry Integrated Specialisation in
Logistics and Supply Chain Management with
Global MBA + PGP

Work Experience Certificate - Two years Industry Internship
100% Placement track record with highest CTC of 13.98 Lakhs.


An exclusive collaboration between Firebird Institute of Research in Management and Avaan Intellect, a division of Avaan India, dedicated to experiential learning and skill development through technology.

Strategic Expertise
  • A transformative journey in Logistics and Supply Chain Management through the joint collaboration of Firebird Institute of Research in Management and Avaan Intellect. This unique partnership combines academic excellence with practical insights to elevate your career in the dynamic field of supply chain management.

Comprehensive Curriculum
  • The PGDM program, meticulously crafted by industry experts, covers all facets of logistics and supply chain. From operations, procurement, and planning to foreign trade, technology trends, logistics audit, and supply chain strategies, the curriculum provides a holistic understanding, enabling students to craft cutting-edge competitive supply chain strategies.

Industry Relevance
  • Position yourself for success in the fast-growing sector of Logistics and Supply Chain Management, recognized as a vital factor in propelling India to a $5 trillion economy.

Revolutionary Discipline
  • Witness the evolution of logistics from a mere movement of materials to a key determinant of business competitiveness. The course acknowledges this transformation, encompassing both internal logistics and effective management of external supplier relationships, encapsulating the essence of Supply Chain Management.

Experienced Faculty
  • Delivered by Avaan Intellect, the program benefits from a faculty of seasoned professionals with 3-4 decades of supply chain experience across various sectors. The team, including alumni from prestigious institutions like IIT, NIT, and IIM, brings a wealth of industry knowledge, ensuring a practical and enriching learning experience.

Practical Pedagogy
  • Employing experiential learning methodologies, the program emphasizes practical aspects alongside theoretical concepts. Case studies serve as real-world illustrations, providing students with insights that go beyond the textbook.

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Strategic Collaboration for Comprehensive Learning
  • Highlighting the exclusive partnership between Firebird Institute of Research in Management and Avaan Intellect as a strategic alliance, blending academic excellence and practical insights.
Tailored Curriculum by Industry Experts
  • Emphasizing the PGDM program crafted by industry experts, covering logistics and supply chain management facets for a well-rounded education.
Industry Impact and Economic Growth
  • Positioning the program as a gateway to success in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, impacting India’s economy towards a $5 trillion goal.
Logistics as a Business Edge
  • Illustrating the shift in viewing logistics as a key factor in business competitiveness, reflecting the course’s focus on this transformation.
Internal and External Supply Chain Dynamics
  • Highlighting the course’s coverage of internal logistics and external supplier relationships, encapsulating Supply Chain Management’s essence comprehensively.
Experienced Faculty with Industry Insight
  • Showcasing faculty from Avaan Intellect with 3-4 decades of supply chain experience, ensuring a practical learning experience.
Practical Pedagogy for Real-world Skills
  • Emphasizing experiential learning methods, bridging theory and practice with case studies for a comprehensive understanding.
Technology Trends and Logistics Audit Focus
  • Mentioning the program’s coverage of technology trends and logistics audit for up-to-date knowledge and skills.
Career Growth through Innovative Strategies
  • Positioning the program as a catalyst for career advancement with tools for crafting competitive supply chain strategies.
Experiential Learning for Practical Skills
  • Stressing the collaboration’s commitment to experiential learning and skill development through technology, preparing students for logistics and supply chain challenges.


Operational Excellence Mastery
  • Focus on essential skills for core Logistics and Supply Chain Management roles.
  • Hands-on training in operations management, procurement, logistics audit, and technology trends.
  • Ensures students not only meet job requirements but excel in operational responsibilities.
Strategic Thinking for Competitive Edge
  • Cultivation of strategic thinking abilities for competitive advantages in functional roles.
  • In-depth understanding of advanced supply chain strategies.
  • Empowers students to strategically contribute to the competitiveness of their functional areas.
Career Acceleration and Industry Expertise
  • Prepares students to excel in specialized core roles within Logistics and Supply Chain Management.
  • Catalyst for career growth in roles crucial to industry demands.
  • Enhances career trajectories and contributes to the flourishing field of logistics and supply chain.
Practical Exposure for Immediate Impact
  • Experiential learning in real-world challenges.
  • Application of knowledge directly relevant to functional career roles.
  • Positions students to navigate role intricacies and make immediate contributions in the workforce.
Network Building and Alumni Collaboration
  • Networking opportunities with industry experts, faculty, and alumni.
  • Focus on connections relevant to functional career roles.
  • Access to mentorship, insights, and collaborative prospects for continuous functional growth.


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Admission Open For 2024